Why cosmetic tubes are mostly preferred in the cosmetics industry? Major Players are Auber Packaing Co., East Hill Indsutries, Essel Propack Limited, Prisha Tubes Pvt Ltd, JSN Cosmetic Packaging

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Cosmetics products such as skin gloss, face makeup, and skin care have led to numerous investment opportunities for the overall cosmetics packaging market. Several changes in the market dynamics have forced cosmetics packaging makers to effectively respond with a diverse product portfolio. An effective solution for dispensing and delivering cosmetic products are cosmetic tubes. The worldwide cosmetic tubes market is noted for having a number of products that comprise tubes in transparent or laminated forms for application of luxury or natural cosmetics.

The cosmetic industry has been on a path of continuous evolution because of changing lifestyles and a greater proportion of women joining the workforce. The trend of personal care and self-grooming cannot be considered the exclusive domain of women now on account of the modern ‘metrosexual’ man.

Market Dynamics of Cosmetic Tubes Market

The ability of cosmetic tubes to retain packaging moisture and prevent any form of leakage is the primary reason why cosmetic tubes are preferred in the cosmetics industry. Suppliers, distributers, and manufacturers have gravitated towards cosmetic tubes over other containers mainly due to their cost-effectiveness and storage and transportation ease. Market players seeking out faster and easier ways of delivering customized solutions are turning to convenient and portable products such as cosmetic tubes to simplify their lives. Another critical factor assisting the development of cosmetic tubes market is the cosmetic tubes barrier properties that shield the product from any sort of contamination.

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Cosmetic tubes are manufactured in various sizes ranging from 1ml to 30ml. Cosmetic tubes are lightweight and leak proof and are quite stable and versatile. Cosmetic tubes are recyclable and are quite popular with environmentally conscious consumers. In addition, cosmetic tubes are perfectly suited to production lines for visual merchandising meant for retail stores. However, the high preservatives content used in these tubes for product preservation and long-shelf life is restraining the unencumbered growth of cosmetic tubes market. The water condensation on the lid can potentially lead to mold formations that can affect the prospects of cosmetic tubes market.

Market Segmentation of Cosmetic Tubes Market-:

Cosmetic tubes markets are divided into material type, product type, application type, applicator type, and closure type. By product type, cosmetic tubes market is further segmented into transparent tubes, laminated tubes, dual ended tubes, and collapsible tubes. Based on material type, cosmetic tubes market is classified into aluminum, glass, and plastic. With respect to closure type, cosmetic tubes market is segmented into flip-top closures, screw on closures, special finish, child resistance closures, nozzle closures, metal shell closures, and special single dose closures and (conical and stand up).

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By applicator type, cosmetic tubes market is sub-segmented into airless pumps, roll-on, pin point, sponge, and brush-tip. By application type, cosmetic tubes market is studied on the basis of natural tubes (tubes sans preservatives), luxury tubes (customized tubes), cosmeceutical tubes (anti-wrinkle and other therapy lotion tubes) and well-being tubes (body-care and sun-care tubes).

Regional Outlook of Cosmetic Tubes Market:

Cosmetics tubes market has been studied in five geographic regions viz. Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Africa (MEA), North America, and Asia Pacific. APAC is the leading region in the cosmetic industry, and cosmetic tubes occupy the largest segment. Within APAC, China and India account for the lion’s share of the growth. Europe and North America closely follow APAC in terms of growth prospects in the cosmetics tubes market.

Key Players in Cosmetic Tubes Market:

A few of the companies actively involved in cosmetic tubes market are Auber Packaing Co., East Hill Indsutries, Essel Propack Limited, Prisha Tubes Pvt Ltd, JSN Cosmetic Packaging, Alltub SAS, Hoffman Neopac AG, Ltd, and Inc, Albea S.A.

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