The UK Space Sector Landscape Map by the UK Space Agency and KTN

The Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) has highlighted companies, universities, networks, and funding bodies that create the UK space sector. This was done in collaboration with key stakeholders and the UK Space Agency. The map is open to members of the public via a free, interactive, web-based tool. It allows the users to visualize and search for any information concerning the sector than never before. The map is expected to provide a high-quality showcase and insights into the space sector worldwide.

UK Space Agency Market Intelligence Manager Iain Hughes said that the tool would be valuable to all stakeholders all over the space sector and even beyond. He added that it would enable companies to improve their growth strategies, identify growth opportunities, and increase cooperation. This will achieve since the tool offers new data, search functions, and visualizations that produce valuable insights.

Knowledge Transfer Manager for Space at KTN, Andy Bennett, said that KTN assists inventive organizations by creating varying connections to push for a positive change. He added that they had developed landscape maps in various sectors so far to show the UK capabilities to find and drive innovation opportunities. Bennett said that the UK Space Sector Landscape Map would support the inside and outside the sector to create new collaborations.

The map includes the following:

  • More than 340 space production businesses, which include satellite manufacturers, launch vehicle providers, and material and component suppliers.
  • More than 300 satellite administration companies are responsible for delivering satellite communication services, developing dependent applications, or satellite data procession based on Earth Observation Data or GNSS.
  • Over 67 universities and research groups all over the UK that conduct research-oriented projects.
  • More than 44 space operation companies, which provide launch services, exclusive satellite operation, launch brokerage services, and ground segment operators.
  • Over 170 organizations that provide ancillary services such as insurers, IT and software service providers, consultants, and legal services.
  • Funding opportunities, networks, developing spaceports, incubation centres, and key sector organizations.

The tool is going to evolve and improve as the UK space grows. Organizations and companies which are not included and belong to the UK space sector are asked to inform KTN for inclusion. The map enables the users to find and clarify a wide range of data points like company details, market segment, expertise, technologies, and capabilities. This means that one can search satellite application companies using the key markets that they serve.

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