Strong Communication Drives Augmented Reality Packaging Market

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Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that adds digital information or objects to a human environment, while virtual reality (VR) is the technology that removes a individual from their current reality and creates a “virtually” reality that is fully immersed in a digital environment.

How Packaging is affected by the Introduction of Augmented Reality

Packaging is likely to become one of the most strong canals for dialog with audiences with the growth of augmented reality technology. The firm Live Animations has ordered an AR-application with 20 cartoons from one of the biggest producers of KONTI candy products. Keys opening the next animation sequence will be printed directly on the package.

On the technical hand, ARcore and ARkit technologies have been used simultaneously for marketing reasons on every item. Konti and Live Animations are the first in a single implementation to combine animation with AR technology-recognizing packaging and animation play from anywhere, as well as ARkit / ARcore techniques that enable you to install and view cartoons on any surface, to go directly to the characters and cartoons on all sides and even games in 2D form in the implementation. This has made packaging both in terms of client interaction and for best analytics a strong channel of communication.

What Factors Drive the Augmented Reality Packaging Market?

The increasing demand for digital and intelligent packaging will be regarded as a major factor to boost the growth of the worldwide market in packaging with augmented reality in the next few years. Additionally, industrial, technological and innovative developments in this sector are expected to guarantee in the near future the growth of the market for enhanced packaging reality. The increasing adoption in the packaging industry of the augmented reality is expected to accelerate general market growth in the coming years. In addition, technological developments are projected on the market in the near future to guarantee fast market growth.

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