Nueva Ecija towns supplied with renewable energy by Aboitiz Power

On Friday, AboitizPower Corporation’s subsidiary extended its power supply accord with Nueva Ecija municipalities. The agreement says that AboitizPower will supply 41MW of green energy to ten towns in that area for the next five years. During the announcement, AboitizPower said that its subsidiary known as AP Renewables Inc. ended its relationship with Nueva Ecija II Electric Cooperative Area 1 (Neeco II Area 1) in an official signing on 16th December 2020. Therefore, AP Renewables will start supplying its branded renewable and clean energy called Cleanergy to ten towns that started in December 2020.

Reynaldo V. Villanueva, Neeco II Area 1 Board President, said that it is through continued commitment that we are going to serve and cater to the needs of our people. By supplying clean, reliable, renewable energy, we will help reduce our carbon footprint. It will also help decrease environmental risks related to fuel storage. The use of renewable energy will also help to improve overall health since the burning of fossil fuels such as diesel has negative health effects. In March 2020, Neeco II Area 1 started to search for an energy supplier who will cater to its power requirements. It was an open competition where four energy distributors take part in the bidding, and consequently, AP Renewables emerged as the winner.

Juan Alejandro A., the first Aboitiz vice president, said that he is much pleased by AP Renewables has been selected, and he is sure the company will offer a solution to Neeco II Area 1’s energy needs. He thanked Neeco II for trusting in them, saying that the company will ensure that trust is reciprocated by working as per the agreement. Juan said that this is the best way to end a year, saying it is a good moment to show the world their capability. He added that he is 100% sure that the AP Renewables will deliver as per the agreement, citing out that this is an opportunity for long-term growth.

Three years ago, AboitizPower signed a deal with Neeco II to supply clean energy capacitating to 33MW. This was almost 80% of the total energy required in the peak demand in the area. AboitizPower generates its Cleanergy from different solar power plants, geothermal and hydroelectric generation facilities. The company is working so hard to ensure it increases its Cleanergy Portfolio. The increase is expected to account for 65% of the listed firm’s new capacities by 2030. This will be enhanced by installing other new projects.

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