Microwavable Cups Market Future Scope, Demands and Prognosticate Industry Growth

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Cups have been long preferred as one of the ideal on-the-go food consumption formats. Rapid urbanization in emerging economies such as India and China, coupled with increase in per capita disposable income has resulted in fast growth in the consumption of case-ready meals, on-the-go. Manufacturers of disposable cups cater to the rising demand for convenient solutions for food consumption, especially considering the fast-paced lifestyle of modern consumers and consumer convenience. Conventional food cup manufacturers used to produce cups that could be reheated in a microwave, to a certain extent. However, they refrained from making any specific guarantees, due to varying abilities of microwave ovens.

The need for microwavable versions was only realized once the consumption of case-ready meals and on-the-go snacks increased across the globe, fueled by a shift in the lifestyles of consumers. The rise in consumption of convenience foods and snacks such as macaroni, gourmet food, and soup, among others has led to the growth in demand for microwavable cups market. Conventional cups may consist of an inner-layer of thin plastic, which, if not FDA-approved, is unsafe for microwavable foods. This creates absolute need for microwavable cups which ensure food quality and yet remain heat-resistant. The same trend is expected to continue well beyond the forecast period. Thus, microwavable cups market is expected to witness substantial demand.

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Global microwavable cups market – Segmentation

The global microwavable cups market can be segmented as –

On the basis of materials, the global microwavable cups market has been segmented as –

  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Polystyrene (PS)
  • Others

On the basis of capacity, the global microwavable cups market has been segmented as –

  • <200 ml
  • 200 ml – 250 ml
  • 250 ml – 300 ml
  • 300 ml – 350 ml
  • > 350 ml

*Pricing for the global microwavable cups market has been captured on the basis of capacity

On the basis of end use, the global microwavable cups market has been segmented as –

  • Ready Meals
  • Snacks

The ready meals segments consists of snacks such as cup noodles, which have witnessed an increased popularity in the last decade, especially in countries such as Japan, and other South-East Asian countries. Hot and cold snacks include food products such as macaroni & cheese.

Global microwavable cups market – Key Players

Some of the key players operating in the global microwavable cups market are – The Kraft Group, LLC, Interpress Technologies, Inc., Greiner Packaging GmbH, KeepCup, and Capitol Cups, among others.

The global microwavable cups market is characterized by the presence of medium-to-small companies.

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Key Trends and developments in the microwavable cups market –

  • Brands such as Nissin are using customization as a key strategy for consumer engagement. In August 2015, Nissin introduced their first microwavable cup noodles, having an additional customization feature, which enabled the customers to customize their cup with healthier meal choices. The new meal allows the noodles to be microwaved in under 2 ½ minutes.
  • In February 2015, Greiner Packaging GmbH won an award for its innovative packaging solution for Saga-Foods Zrt, which is a Hungary-based food processing company. The company was developing a new packaging concept for Frankfurter sausages. They developed the K3 cup with a resealable In-mold Label (IML) lid. The packaging used a combination of PP/EVOH, which creates a barrier effect. This enabled the cups to be placed directly in a microwave for heating.
  • Interpress Technologies, Inc. offer plastic cups and bowls, for applications with moderate moisture barrier requirements and for microwavable applications. The cups have a printed paper overwrap, and are also available in a high barrier EVOH blend for applications with additional barrier requirement.
global microwavable cups market

Microwavable Cups Market: What lies ahead?

The global microwavable cups market is anticipated to grow with increased adoption of on-the-go food habits, among consumers, especially in the emerging economies, and countries in Africa, which have been witnessing a high rate of urbanization and rise in per capita disposable income. Furthermore, as the consumption of case-ready meals increases, and more consumers prefer eating out to dining-in, the microwavable cups market is expected to witness substantial increase in demand.

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