Measurement While Drilling Market to Receive Overwhelming Hike in Revenues by 2020

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Measurement while drilling market is growing with the increasing drilling activities across the world. Huge investment in exploration and production activities by oil companies will prove to be a boom for the measurement while drilling market during the forecast period. Measurement while drilling is a type of well logging services. In this, a measurement tool is incorporated in drilling string to access the real time information. This information helps the operator to steer the drilling process. The real time information is very important for a drilling operation to avoid deviation from its path and save drilling time as well as drilling cost.

Measurement while drilling also provides crucial data such as directional survey data (well depth), drilling dynamics parameters, bottom hole pressure and temperature. With the increase in complexity in drilling operations, well logging services are also adopting and improving to provide a cost effective solution to the oil and gas company.

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While drilling a horizontal or directional well, conventional logging tools are ineffective to provide information after an angle of 60 degrees, as they cannot be further pushed through the well and are retrieved. This has been a problem with conventional well logging tools. But measurement while drilling provides a solution to this problem. Measurement while drilling is a type of LWD (logging while drilling). In this, tools are enclosed in a single module in the steering tool of the drill string, at the end of drilling apparatus. Measurement while drilling provides measurement at regular intervals such as rock porosity, permeability, resistivity, weight on bit and acoustic waveform without affecting the drilling operations.
The data obtained is transmitted to the surface through mud pulse in real time. Mud pressure transducers are used to measure the pressure fluctuations and pass analogue signals to the computers on the surface. These computers convert the analog signals into digital signals and decode data in the required form.

Some of the key players in the measurement while drilling market are Baker Hughes Incorporated, Halliburton Company, Weatherford International Limited, Schlumberger Limited, Decollement Consulting Inc., Archer – The well company, Cathedral Energy Services Ltd., Boreview, Crescent Directional Drilling LP, The Directional Drilling Company, Wellpath Energy Services LLC, Scientific Drilling International, Accu-Tech Technologies, LLC, Target Well Control, Jindal Drilling and Industries Ltd., Enesco Energy Services Inc., Ryan Directional Services and PetroAlliance among others.

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