Fruit Spreads Market: Rising Inclination toward Easy to Consume Fruit-Based Products to Drive Growth

Press Release

Fruit spreads include a wide variety of spreads such as jams, jellies, compotes, preserves, and marmalades. While they share similarities in texture, each of them is made of different ingredients and hence shows different consistencies depending on the making process and the ingredients used. Each type serves a different recipe need of consumers and imparts different flavour. The growth of the fruit spreads market is propelled by the rising use of fruit spreads in dressings, snacks, smoothies, and dessert glaze. Over the past few years, consumers across the world have shown stronger liking for jams with a variety of texture and fruits. Efforts are being made to enhance the shelf-life and improve product stability, which has brought the use of citrus fruits in making fruit spreads prominent. In recent years, mixed-fruit spreads has also risen in popularity. The choice of preservatives also affects the quality of various fruit spreads. Manufacturers are increasingly focusing on fruit spreads that can be used in breakfast meals.

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The report presents detailed assessment of the various growth dynamics of the global fruit spreads market by evaluating the impact of the key regional factors on the demand. The study also highlights the changing consumer taste and preferences that will give rise to lucrative avenues. 

The rising inclination toward easy to consume fruit-based products among worldwide consumers is a key trend driving the demand for various types of fruit spreads. The global market has made big gains from the constant efforts to incorporate new taste, texture, and flavour in fruit spread in order to meet current and emerging needs of the recipes. The market has also hit a sweet spot in developed regions in meeting the rising needs of consumers for sugar-free spreads. In addition, rising use of fruit spreads in for baked foods and savory snacks is a notable factor boosting the market.

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The large nutritional value in the form of fiber, vitamins, and proteins adds to the attractiveness of the demand for fruit spreads among health conscious populations in various parts of the world. Constant focus of manufacturers to improve the shelf-life of fruit spreads has resulted in the adoption of better preservatives. Furthermore, substantial consumption of fruit spreads in breakfast meals in developing and developed nations is boosting the market.

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The study offers critical assessment of the prevailing intensity of competition in the global fruit spreads market. The insights take a closer look at recent strategic moves and tactical moves adopted by key players to consolidate their positions in the market. Some of the companies holding prominent positions in the market are Clearspring Ltd., Santa Cruz Natural Incorporated, Walden Farms, Inc., Really Good Stuff, Inc., and Cascadian Farm, Inc. 

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