Emerging Opportunities in High Protein Water Market with Current Trends Analysis

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In the global food and beverage market, the escalating demand for functional food and beverage is increasing at a high growth rate owing to their high nutritional value. High protein water is a type of functional water, which contain some amount of protein into it. In the protein supplement market, the demand for high protein water is increasing among the health-conscious population, gymnasts, and athletes, who consume high protein water to fulfill protein demand of their body. High protein water helps in increasing physical strength and endurance of athletes and gymnasts. High protein water is refreshing and contains a low amount of calorie, due to which it is consumed over the available mineral water and sparkling water in the market. Health supplements are becoming very popular in the developed markets, owing to their multiple health benefits and their improved functionality which in turn is increasing the demand for high protein water in the market. In the global high protein water, Europe and North America hold the major share in the production and consumption of high protein water owing to their awareness and increasing fitness enthusiast at the high growth rate in the region. In addition, the presence of major global players in the region is also increasing awareness about their products in the market by utilizing various promotional and marketing strategies.

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The importance of protein supplement in gaining muscle volume and repair of micro-injuries in muscles is the main driving factor for the increasing demand for protein supplements, henceforth flourishing high protein water in the market. Manufacturers in the high protein water are using a customer-centric approach to cater to the demand of their broad range of customers. Manufacturers avail their high protein water in various flavors, natural colors, and sweeteners for protein water, to attract population from every age group. Urbanization and hectic lifestyle have fuelled the demand for ready-to-drink beverages, which is also one of the major factors in escalating the demand for high protein water in the market. In addition, the subsequent rise in the vegan population is also increasing the demand for plant-based protein in the global food supplement market. High protein water generally consists of whey protein but due to rising demand for plant-based protein among the consumers has made the manufacturers infuse plant-based protein in the high protein water. Besides, the consumers are preferring high protein water as they fulfill the basic nutrition needs of the body, provides energy, cuts down the excesses fats and cholesterol, and also keeps individual satiated for longer. With the increasing demand and awareness about the high protein water in the global protein water market, it can be expected that the demand for high protein water will increase over the forecast period.

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Some of the key players operating their business in high protein market are Arla Foods, Nutramino, Optimum Nutrition,  River Collective Limited, Send Limited, Vyomax Nutrition, Kellogg Company, My Goodness Limited, Protein2o Inc., Bodiez Protein Water, BiPro USA, Trimino and others. Many other players are showing their keen interest to bring high protein water in their product portfolio.

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The flourishing health and wellness among the consumers in the Asia Pacific are providing the best opportunity for the manufacturers to launch their products in these regions to cater to the demand of these customers. High Protein water has increasingly become an important source to gather vital micronutrients in a desirable and convenient manner, which is one of the major driving factors for the growth and expansion of high protein water in the market. Apart from all the factors mentioned above, increasing awareness among the population is also expected to increase the demand for high protein water in the coming years.

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