Crawler Excavator Market: Top Scenario, Swot Analysis, Business Overview & Forecast 2018 – 2026

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Crawler excavators are commonly utilized construction and mining equipment. They comprise a bucket attached at the front of the articulated tractor and are employed for earth-moving, digging, and grading. However, the attachment of the excavator can be changed according to the requirement. Crawler excavators are equipped with crawler type wheels, which consist of chain mounted over the wheels, which enhance the traction of these vehicles and are utilized at construction and mining sites.

Crawler Excavator Market – Drivers and Restraints

Demand for crawler excavators is likely to increase significantly owing to the expansion of construction and mining industries. An alternative to the crawler excavator is the wheeled excavator; however, demand for the crawler excavator is rising significantly owing to its higher capacity to carry weights and greater suitable for application in muddy conditions. Therefore, crawler excavators witness higher demand as compared to wheeled excavators. Moreover, the crawler excavator market is likely to driven by construction and mining industries, and both industries are expanding significantly.

Furthermore, economic expansion of major economies across the globe is boosting investment in infrastructure, which in turn is anticipated to boost the crawler excavator market. Demand for mining products is rising due to increase in industrialization, which in turn boosts the demand for minerals and metals. Consequently, the mining industry is expected to expand at a notable growth rate during the forecast period. The crawler excavator market is highly dependent on global economic expansion, as downturn in economy is likely to directly reduce the investment in infrastructure. Therefore, sluggish expansion witnessed by major economies such as the U.S., China, France, the U.K., India, Japan, and Brazil is expected to negatively affect the crawler excavator market.

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Crawler Excavator Market – Segmentation

The global crawler excavator market can be segmented based on gross power output, vehicle weight, and application. In terms of gross power output, the 201- 400 HP segment is anticipated to expand at a rapid pace owing its higher application in construction and mining industries. Crawler excavators of 201-400 HP power output are highly suitable for applications in both construction as well as mining industry; however the equipment with significantly large capacity are mostly preferred for mining.

Based on vehicle weight, the 6 tons to 40 tons segment is likely to hold a prominent share of the market owing to its high cost and high preference for applications in the construction industry. Medium range equipment weigh between 6 ton and 40 ton; hence, the segment which is highly preferred equipment for application in the construction industry. Equipment with weight of more than 40 ton are used for mining, thus the segment is likely to expand at a moderate pace in the near future.

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Based on application, construction is likely to be a leading segment of the crawler excavator market, as small to heavy duty excavators are employed in the construction industry and crawler type excavator is mostly utilized at construction sites located in muddy soil conditions such as construction of bridges over rivers and canals.

In terms of region, Asia Pacific is anticipated to hold a prominent share of the crawler excavator market owing to the presence of rapidly expanding economies in the region such as China and India. Moreover, players such as Hitachi Ltd. and Komatsu Corporation are based in Asia Pacific, which is likely to be a major reason for the high share held by the region of the global crawler excavator market.

Crawler Excavator Market – Key Players

Major players operating in the global crawler excavator market include Caterpillar, Deere and Company, Volvo AB, Komatsu Corporation, and CNH Industrial N.V.

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