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Several airlines have expanded their fleets over the course of time, which has made operations more complex for them as compared  to earlier times. This has led to the need for a system that organizes and effectuates efficient management of the entire aviation industry with a fundamentally grounded system to organize the aviation crew.

Automated systems have become an integral part of the aviation industry. The operational efficiency that they bring about has increased their demand. This has bolstered the market for commercial aviation management system. These systems ensure that the industry does not suffer backlogs due to unfavorable management of the crew. Hence, they have become extremely important in the aviation industry. The rising air traffic has prompted various government and non-government organizations to make ardent initiatives in the research and development of better crew management systems.

The global market for commercial aviation crew management system is segmented by type and region. The sub categories within these segments are an important parameter to decide the scope of each segment.

The report by Transparency Market Research (TMR) outlines the growing vitality of the market and projects the trends and figures that would resonate through the market. There have been immense speculations about the growth of the market which have been highlighted in the report. Several historic, contemporary, and anticipated trends have been enunciated in the report.

Market for Global Commercial Aviation Crew Management System: Key Trends and Prospects

The entire aviation industry is prolifically involved in optimizing the resources within the industry to make the system more agile and responsive. Since, the crew within the industry is an important human resource, it calls for a fundamental change in its functioning, in turn arising the demand for aviation crew management systems. Reduction of costs within the aviation industry is an important standpoint for comprehensive growth, thus, it is important for airlines to employ crew management systems that increase operational efficiency and reduce costs. Technological advancement has been a key feature of the aviation industry which has furthered the demand for the market. Moreover, the attractive prospects offered by automation have also been a solid reason for the rising demand for aviation crew management systems.

The rising connectivity amongst various geographical pockets is expected to keep rising the volume of fleets by airlines. This would act as an immensely bright prospect for the market because more airlines would now look to resort to crew management systems. Owing to a number of investments in the aviation industry by government and non-government entities would be a haven of opportunity for the market.

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Market for Global Commercial Aviation Crew Management System: Geographical Outlay

Amongst the various regional segments, North America has topped the tables in terms of market share accounting for 40% of the market share in 2014. The region is expected to maintain its reign up until 2023. Europe ranks second on the performance scale where the market has grown on the pretext of technological advancements and rising air traffic. Asia Pacific is expected to register the highest growth rate in the coming years while the rest of the world is to undergo sturdy growth.

Market for Global Commercial Aviation Crew Management System: Competitive Landscape

The various players in the commercial aviation crew management system market are expected to resort to innovative business strategies to outperform competitors.     Moreoever, the key developments in the field would be a source of growth for these market entities. The current market players include Prolog Development Centre A/S, Hitit Computer Services, AIMS Corporation, IBS Software Services, Lufthansa Systems, Jepessen Sanderson, Inc., Hexaware Technologies Ltd., Sabre Corporation, and BlueOne Management S.A./N.V.

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