Brewed Lemonade Market Revenue, Opportunity, Segment and Key Trends 2019-2027

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Brewed lemonade is a drink that is highly sought after during the hot summer times by the consumers to cool off the heat. Brewed lemonade is made with the ingredients consisting of lemon juice, lemon pulp, sugar, water, and fermenting agent, which is usually yeast. The mixture is fermented for at least three days, before consuming. Brewed lemonade is an excellent source of the vitamin C and contains approximately 0.5 alcohol. Since the product contains half of the 1 percent alcohol by volume, the brewed lemonade is considered under limitation liquor. The global brewed lemonade market is anticipated to experience surge in the sales due to the variety of available flavour and botanically brewed nature.

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 The global brewed lemonade market is mainly driven by the flourishing and expanding beverage industry in the world. The demand for the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in the global market is seen increasing due to the increased consumption of the processed food and beverage products. Brewed lemonade market is currently well-established in the developed countries such as, U.S., U.K., Australia, since the concentration of the manufacturers of brewed lemonade is high in these regions. Brewed lemonade market is also driven by the wide consumer acceptance for the new and authentic drinks. Brewed lemonade is also consumed with beer and such beer-mixes have been winning over the consumers, especially the millennial. The millennial are very enthusiastic when it comes to try new and innovative alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Since the population of millennial in the world is about to surpass the boomers in the near future, the demand for the brewed lemonade is anticipated to surge. Considering the current consumer preferences, alcohol-spiked, botanical flavoured, and combo drinks are getting wide popularity in the global market of brewed lemonade. Botanically flavoured brewed lemonade such as, ginger, cinnamon, elderflower, etc. are getting more popular due to the plant-based nature, less sweetness and herbal nature. Manufactures are also trying new combination to attract the consumers and create the surge in the global market. For, example; a zesty combination of coffee and brewed lemonade is getting popular and making a stir in the market as a summer drink to cool of the heat.

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Some of the major players of Brewed lemonade market include: Fentimas North America, Inc., Döhler, Natural Light, Aslan Brewing Company, Brew Tea Company, Essential Coffee Company, Starbucks Corporation, La Colombe, The Welder’s Dog, Fargo Brewing Co., Drink Craft Pty Ltd, Bundaberg Brewed Drinks, and others.

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The global brewed lemonade market is majorly occupied by the North American and European countries and is anticipated to witness steady growth in the forecast period. The high consumption in these regions compared to the other regions is supported by the presence of the major market players of the global brewed lemonade market in these regions. As well as, the consumer awareness about the product is also playing a vital role in the increasing demand for the brewed lemonade in the market. On the other hand, Asian and Middle East and African countries are anticipated to have increased demand over the forecast period. This is supported by the increased consumer awareness due to the wide use of social media and increased introduction and penetration of the product due to the business strategies of the manufacturers. Asia Pacific is anticipated to show highest growth rate over the forecast period and is followed by the Middle East and African region.

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