Catherine Legend – Editor

Catherine is an online news veteran with over 15 years of experience in various editorial roles. Catherine has under her belt major breaking stories about various developments in the technology field. Catherine has extensive contacts in some of the most technologically active countries around the world including China. She has been instrumental in development of Technology Market.

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Brian Summers – Contributing Sub-Editor

Brian is a software development graduate, but because of his love for writing and wanting to be in touch with new technologies all the time, he decided to opt for a carrier in journalism. Brian hops from one launch event to the next and covers major gadget launches from around the world. He also handles sub-editing tasks for Technology Market and helps Cristina with her editorial cycle.

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Bonnie Legmann – Contributor

Bonnie is a journalism graduate. After over 20 years being on the field working as a reporter, he decided to sit behind the desk and start penning articles. Technology Market isn’t the only publication she works for. She has written for some of the major publications around the US.

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